CRM integration

What is is the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system we have tested. So much so that we have adopted it for our own use. is a SaaS (Software as a Service) -this requires no software installation on any computer in your company: multiple users access the solution via a secure internet connection. It can be used in many ways such as SFA (Sales Force Automation), to ease the management and performance control of your sales team, as well as accessing your sales-lead data via blackberry and iphone, It also enables advanced call center solutions (bringing efficiency and reliability to your call center’s operation), and also an active management of your customer accounts to generate extra business.

What do we do with

Our consulting team will gather the requirements of your different departments and prepare a plan of action to ensure the smooth and efficient integration and customisation of into your business. From simple tasks such as creating the appropriate fields or setting the various screens just the way you need them... to organising training sessions and provide a single point of contact for all the further development and integration of add-ons, for instance: plugging your existing accounting system, e-commerce system, or adding a newsletter management tools, etc…

Of course you could do all that yourself, but with our experience of and project management skills, our intervention will speed up the process, ensure a true customisation of the solution to your precise needs, and maximise the value you can get out of

If you have a complex organisation linking website commerce, subscription management, call centres, dispersed sales team and advanced billing requirements, integrating can help you run everything securely, efficiently and without loss of information.

Sharing information across the company is sometimes vital to increase customer satisfaction, facilitate reporting and maximise income from your existing clients.

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