Loyalty systems

What is The First Club?

A download platform for professional use, dedicated to loyalty programs, employee rewards schemes, Christmas gifts and sales promotions.
The content is available to download internationally and the platform is available in 14 languages to date. In total the platform contains more than 30m products, giving plenty of choice to users to download the content of their choice: music, PC games and software and mobile phone content.

The particularity of The First Club's content is that you cannot buy it: the use is given a voucher code issued by a loyalty program, a sales promotion (in-pack promotion), or been offered a gift card by a client or an employer. With this voucher s/he registers to the platform,  redeems the voucher code and downloads the content of her/his choice.

thefirstclub download platform

How you can use the platform?

Standard use, Bronze and silver programs:

Register as a client with us and purchase vouchers at a discounted price from The First Club. Then use these vouchers electronically or as a printed coupon codes according to your strategy. Your clients/ employees/ customers can then use these vouchers to redeem the content of their choice without limitation.

TRW downlaod platform

Integrated use, Gold and Platinum programss:

These programs work in a similar way as above but the platform is completely branded (white labelled to your company). Thefirstclub.com can be used as stand alone or integrated as a plug and play solution into your existing reward or loyalty platform via our API.

Edenred download platform


For the brand:

  • Low cost solution pay-as-you-go solution
  • Multi purpose platform (can be used to reward clients and employees at the same time)
  • Pay as you go solution
  • Rapid integration and branding
  • Creation of key competitive advantage in a reward program
  • International and multilingual solution

For your customers/employees:

  • Satisfaction from choice: instead of you giving them a music compilation or a game or a movie, the user can chose the content of their choice.
  • Quality of reward: with all the major international publishers integrated to the platform, your user gain access to first-rate content.
  • Credit account: platform users can accumulate vouchers to redeem content of higher value or store their credit for later use.