Viral Marketing

A unique technology

Virals are a great breath of fresh air in the advertising world, giving creative teams more room to create stories around a brand or a product to increase awareness and communicate on social networks cleverly.

So far virals have been mostly blind in term of customer data acquisition. Posting videos on youtube and similar websites may have generated 100 000’s of views, but do you know these people are and what they thought of it?

With our system, you can not only create viral videos that stand out from the crowd, you also capture valuable information on who has been exposed to your message!

How it works?

For instance, imagine a short film where the user is asked to enter his/her name and telephone number at the start of the video. The story runs and at some point an actor within the viral will call the viewer on their mobile phone, in real-time, and deliver a message or engage in an interactive game.

After the call, the film ends and the viewer can post comments via our social network connectors or send the link to friends in just a few clicks… Not only do you multiply the viral capabilities of your video, you actively engage with the viewers and capture their details for further use.
All within the existing privacy legislation!

This kind of virals can have massive PR and public impact: one of our recent client generated nearly 2M views on a single campaign, won more than 10 awards and delivered countless leads and PR exposure.

Please refer to the case studies in this website for further illustration of the concept.

How do we do it?

We work with your creative team/agency. Ultimately, they will deliver the video assets and the complete campaign to you. We work with your creative team from the start, offer suggestions and ideas on what the technology can achieve, and provide them with the agreed technology and complete the integration of the interactive components into the video.

We have got different type of interactions available:

  • Standard:the actor calls the viewer and delivers a standard message
  • DTMF:the actor asks the viewer to press keys on his/her mobile phone to generate actions on screen (and decide how the story ends)
  • Voice activation:the actor asks the viewer to make a noise on his/her phone and the length and intensity of this sound will generate an action on screen
  • Voice recognition:the actor asks questions or requires a decision, and the viewer’s answer will generate an action on screen

mc-creation can offer other type of interactions such as donation lines for charities (“press 1 to donate £5”) as well as any combination of the options above.

Contact us for more information and a full demo of our capabilities and track record.