Web development

A website? Sure, you’ve got one... But is it good enough?

To quote a well known TV personality, some say... that as long as your website is interactive and that you pay your adwords on Google, it will do its work. All we know is, that‘s not good enough!

We believe in websites, we live from building websites. Smart ones. Websites that push the envelope and enable your business to do more for less. New functionalities, new-generation e-commerce facilities, advanced tracking tools, optimised code, multiple connections with social networks..

If you are reading this, we can be pretty sure that your website is an important part of your business model . You meet with a potential client, you deliver a great pitch, you hand over your business card... the client gets back to the office, and the first thing they do is look at your website, aiming to confirm that you are as good as you said you are. If the website looks the part, is up to date and easy to work with, you got yourself a potential customer!

What kind of websites do we do?

If you are looking for an online alternative to a brochure, even including flash video and a few shinny interactive features, we probably are not the right company for you.

But if you have in mind databases, W3C compliance, Search Engine Optimisation, advanced content management, e-commerce, interconnection with your CRM system, RSS aggregation or social networks connections, then look no further: this is the kind of websites we build.

We work with award-winning Creative Directors so your website will look as good as it should too, but our real expertise is the technical stuff that will make your website a key asset for your business.

How do we do websites?

It all starts by a good brief, so we take the time to really understand your business and your needs. Then we draw a project road map and agree it with you. Our creative team gets to work on general layout and look/feel. Then it is back and forth with you until you agree that it is a masterpiece.

Meanwhile, the tech team starts slicing and dicing the various functionalities that will be part of your website. Components are imported into our Content Management System (Facilis). Integrations with third-party solutions and online social networks are then enabled.

Once we have a “working prototype”, it is again back and forth with you until you are happy that the site we have created is “just right”.

Et voila!

Projects can take from 1 to 12 weeks and you will have no more than 3 interlocutors during the whole project.

Contact us for more information and a full demo of our capabilities and track record.