Who we are

Some background

mc-creation has been trading since 2002, so we are no longer the new kids on the block.... We have survived the ups and downs of business life and reinvented ourselves several times around.

We are a small(ish) and (very) international team of ultra-keen developers with the ability to transfer ideas into applications. Our key strength resides in our capacity and experience to combine advanced programming, technologies and flexible project management methodology to meet (and usually exceed) your expectations.

What do we stand for?

With time we have perfected the art of understanding briefs (what we have been told... and what we have not been told but is just as important), organising workload through strict project management processes, and developing applications meeting W3C standards.

Over the past few years we have claimed a few world firsts... and have reinvented the wheel a few times as well (so now, it goes faster!).

Who do we work with?

We work for medium to large businesses and household brands across many sectors: financial services, retail, technology, industry, IT services, events and festivals as well as the telco industries.
We also help (behind the scene) some well-known international digital and advertising agencies to deliver projects on behalf of their clients.

Contact us for more information and a full demo of our capabilities and track record.